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The Dollars and Sense of Interactive Patient Systems

Shawnee Mission Medical Center and Skylight Interactive Improve Patient Experience Download About Shawnee Mission Medical Center Shawnee Mission Medical Center (SMMC) is a 504-bed facility with nearly 20,000 inpatient admissions and more than 200,000 outpatient admissions annually. SMMC has the busiest emergency department in Johnson County, the area’s first accredited Chest Pain Emergency Center, and…
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Patient Engagement is Like Exercise


Recently I found myself in a conversation about patient engagement. We were talking about the use of the term, what it really means, what it looks like, and the ROI for hospitals and health systems. As the conversation progressed, I tried to come up with an analogy that would exemplify the vastness, vagueness, and intangible…
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Patient Engagement Summit—Lessons Learned


Last week at the Patient Engagement Summit in Orlando, Kyra Bobinet MD, MPH shared insight into the psychology of patient engagement during her keynote address “Patient Engagement & the 3 Trillion Dollar Industry.” Dr. Bobinet, the CEO at engagedIN, a behavior design firm, talked about the what, why and when people engage. According to Bobinet,…
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How to Improve and Streamline Patient Education Documentation


It shouldn’t be that hard to deliver and document patient education, but the process has always been a challenge for many clinicians. Not necessarily in the mechanics of providing the education, but in creating the right process to provide the education. With the proper technology, hospitals can automate both. The challenge is that we aren’t…
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TV Doesn’t Rot Your Brain. It Heals.


The following post was submitted to The Skylight Blog by Chaplain Miki Mathioudakis from St.Vincent Women’s Hospital. St.Vincent is a member of Ascension Health, the largest Catholic health care system in the country. St.Vincent is dedicated to providing spiritually-centered and holistic care. For the past five days I’ve been home, sick, sleeping in my bed…
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Quick, Easy Way to Create a Video for Your Hospital


With the launch of Video Visit earlier this month, the topic of videos has come up a lot with our clients. Not particularly in the context of video conferencing, but videos as a means for patient education and a way to enhance the patient experience. Videos are an excellent way to educate and instruct patients…
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