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Functional Status Better Indicator of Potential Readmissions


A recent study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine investigated 3, 7 and 30 day readmissions for medically complex patients in rehabilitation facilities. Researchers concluded that models based on functional status outperformed models based on comorbidities in determining the likelihood of readmission. The results of this study raise questions on the accuracy and fairness…
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The Missing Link in Health Care Data


Back in July 2012, Michelle McNickle wrote an article in Healthcare IT News on the 5 technologies health systems should require. They were: Predictive Analytics and modeling tools Business intelligence tools Portals and CRM tools Mobility app tools Collaboration and social tools Then, in January 2014, Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review published an article…
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Data Doesn’t Include Patient Emotions


If you are short on inspiration today, here is a story to help. It is yet another example of why I do what I do each and every day. It is stories like the one I’m about to tell that make me so passionate about health care. Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, I got…
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Skylight Healthcare Releases Video Resume Functionality


Skylight Interactive now has video resume functionality! In the hospital room, patients can now pause a video or exit without losing their place. When the video is accessed again, it will resume play at the last interval mark. Hospitals and patients have been asking for this and we’ve delivered. Patients can now respond to push…
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Tablets the Least Used Device by Clinicians, Survey Finds


A survey commissioned by Microsoft found that clinicians use smartphones and laptops the most, while only 23 percent report that they use tablets. The survey was designed to learn more about how technology impacts the productivity of health care clinicians. Below are some key findings: 50% of clinician use smartphones mostly to communicate with colleagues….
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4 Ways IPS Technology Impacts Your Bottom Line


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