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Tablets the Least Used Device by Clinicians, Survey Finds


A survey commissioned by Microsoft found that clinicians use smartphones and laptops the most, while only 23 percent report that they use tablets. The survey was designed to learn more about how technology impacts the productivity of health care clinicians. Below are some key findings: 50% of clinician use smartphones mostly to communicate with colleagues….
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4 Ways IPS Technology Impacts Your Bottom Line


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The Challenges of Managing Health Education


When I joined Skylight Healthcare Systems three years ago, I didn’t realize that I would lead the clinical team on patient education. My first official responsibility was to be the custodian of the video content Skylight provided in its standard library. Given that Skylight doesn’t produce content, we needed to make sure that we partnered…
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Coming Together This Week–Patient Experience and Patient Safety


This week is both Patient Experience Week and the National Patient Safety Congress in Austin, Tex. There is a lot to celebrate and a lot to remind us of the work we still need to do.  So, in honor of the relationship between patient safety and the patient experience, we have compiled our most popular…
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How to Make Integration Easy


Back in January, Kirstin Sellers from UW Medicine’s Valley Medical Center shared with you how interactive patient systems can be used to get nurses out of the middle. In her piece, she provided three primary reasons for selecting an IPS: integration, health education, and partnership. Interactive Patient Systems provide a number of benefits ranging from…
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